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Building off the strength and solid reputation of the established Abel brand, we are proud to introduce our specialised division: Abel Land Sales.

Selling land estates require a different skillset to standard residential real estate. Abel Land Sales is a handpicked team of key industry professionals, who individually contribute a wealth of expertise, and as a result, we are able to offer a complete suite of services to developer clients. Many of our initiatives offer Unique Selling Propositions. We are more than just a sales team. 

Our attention to detail, exemplary customer service, reporting regime and our focus on results, is what sets us apart. At the end of the day for our clients, this translates to Higher ROI on your project within a shorter timeframe, with lower costs and less stress.

The level of services we provide goes far deeper than just land sales.

We work closely with all members of our client’s project team and provide market-based advice to ensure consumer expectations are not only met but exceeded. We also work closely with planners on lot typologies and product mix, with consultant engineers on estate detailing and landscapers to ensure the marketing and product strategy is consistently delivered in the physical appearance of the project.

Our services include:

  • Detailed sales feasibility studies at acquisition, planning, design, construction and completion stages
  • Project and product strategy consultation
  • The marketing and sales of land subdivisions with a step-by-step sales process
  • Establishing and managing builder and investor relationship networks on behalf of our clients
  • Designing strategies to achieve built-form outcomes (grouped housing and house & land packages) aligned to builder channels
  • Detailed profiling of potential clients and larger demographic groups
  • Project branding and market positioning
  • The development, implementation and ongoing management of community engagement programs
  • Market analysis and reporting on the WA residential market

So let’s get started.

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